Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let the Battle Begin has started! The battle for the allegiance of Cannon Chiang!!! I (Oliver) am working against the odds since I'm in enemy territory but the lure of Tennessee Orange will be strong. How can he resist it!!!! We've got the Red Sox covered for sure. Now it's time for him to become a Volunteer!

On the first "cold" day here (yesterday), Leslie was going to take Cannon on a walk and wanted to cover him up a little more and she emailed me the Tennessee hoodie picture at work. As one can imagine, it made my day to see him covered in such a perfect shade of orange!

However, today she put him in a Texas onesie today! The decision is ultimately up to Cannon but the power of persuasion is STRONG when you're a VOL!!!! All it's going to take is for him to see Vols run out of the "T" and he will be a Vol for life!!!!

Game on!!!


LeslieJ said...

good luck with that one.

boston sherrill said...

Can he not be like little Ruthie and like both Wake and UNC? Or in this instance, both UTs? Equally? Hmmm...