Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Snow

It snowed in Austin yesterday. It actually fell for a good while. But it didn't dawn on me until it stopped falling, that it'd be fun to take Cannon out to see it. It could be a very long time 'til he sees it again.

I tried to get him to pose for a picture. It was hard, though, since he's just learning to walk and not that confident yet. I didn't want him to sit on the wet ground. So I ended up taking some of him sitting in the garage and in the front doorway. He wouldn't let me get his boogers, though, so excuse the crustiness.

He didn't so much appreciate being so bundled up. Good thing we don't have to do that very often here in Austin, TX.

In other news, I think we may be done with bottles soon. I'm excited about it--no more bottles to clean (the particular ones we use have lots of parts), and it means Cannon is growing up:) But I'm also sad about it--because it means Cannon is growing up :( I thought I'd try and give him his mid-morning formula in a sippy cup today, and he gulped it down. At first he thought it was weird. Why are you giving me a sippy of water when you should be giving me a bottle of yum yum milk milk, Mommy?! Wha? Ooooh, it's not water. It's yum yum milk milk! And it comes out faster this way! Gulp gulp gulp gulp....buuuuurp.

I tried it again this afternoon, but no luck this time. He wanted his ba ba. But at least it's a start.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Let Mommy Clarify," by Cannon Lee Chiang

You see, my Mommy is not as competitive as my Daddy. You know what she did on Father's Day? Well, she dressed me in Boston Red Sox AND Tennessee Volunteer gear. She took lots of pictures of me, and I mean lots. You have probably seen the post about it. I was like, "Ok, Mommy, enough pictures!" but she kept on because really wanted Daddy to know how much she and I love him. She FRAMED 2 of these pictures for Daddy to put on his desk at work.

Actually, I begged her to put me in that burnt orange outfit much sooner. I said, "Mommy, it's ok that that onesie is kind of thick and would be better for cooler weather. I want to wear it NOW!" But she waited and continued to dress me in all of Daddy's favorite outfits. She is so selfless.

So...I just want to let all of you know that my Mommy says that I can be a fan of both schools and that I don't even have to like EITHER of them if I don't want. My Daddy is another story. Please pray for him.

Ok, well, that's all for now. Peace out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let the Battle Begin has started! The battle for the allegiance of Cannon Chiang!!! I (Oliver) am working against the odds since I'm in enemy territory but the lure of Tennessee Orange will be strong. How can he resist it!!!! We've got the Red Sox covered for sure. Now it's time for him to become a Volunteer!

On the first "cold" day here (yesterday), Leslie was going to take Cannon on a walk and wanted to cover him up a little more and she emailed me the Tennessee hoodie picture at work. As one can imagine, it made my day to see him covered in such a perfect shade of orange!

However, today she put him in a Texas onesie today! The decision is ultimately up to Cannon but the power of persuasion is STRONG when you're a VOL!!!! All it's going to take is for him to see Vols run out of the "T" and he will be a Vol for life!!!!

Game on!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Half Birthday, Cannon!

Ok, so as you may have observed, Oliver and I are not the best bloggers. I am better about posting pictures on facebook, so if you are not my facebook friend, let's do something about it.

There is much to update. Cannon turned 6 months yesterday! I can't believe it. Half a year already. This is such a fun age as we can play together more and he's very expressive. And I have to tell you, I think we have a genius on our hands. One day I discovered that if I started singing, "Pat-a-cake," while patting my legs, Cannon would do it too. Soooo cute. Of course we have shown it to all who will watch. Well, the other day, I figured out that even if I don't pat my legs and just sing the song, he catches on and starts patting his hamhocks, I mean legs. Future Valedictorian, say you?

I am also trying not to obsess over these "milestones" I read about in all the baby books. Every baby has their own way and timing of doing things. I was all stressed out that he wasn't rolling over yet. While visiting family in Houston, my physical therapist cousin showed me some exercises I could do with him to encourage him to roll. Doubtful, I did them with him every day. Last week at the dr's office, I had him on the examining table and voila! He rolled over! I thought it was a fluke, so I brought him home to try again. He did it again and again! Yea Cannon!!!! Of course I called Ollie right away and put Cannon on display as soon as Daddy came home.

Before now, he has only been eating rice cereal once a day to get used to the idea of solids. Yesterday we tried sweet potato and you should have seen his face. What is this food that actually has taste?

He is such a sweet baby and I thank God for him everyday. I have begun to pray that like Jesus, Cannon would grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52).

Sidenote: on Labor Day, we all dressed up in Red Sox gear to get free chicken sandwiches at Chick fil a. My parents were in town. Good thing Ollie had enough shirts for everyone!

and some five month pictures, since I think they are great!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

4 months

Oliver here...and this is post is on a whim because I love these pictures and wanted people to be able to see these. The second picture is one of my favorites. Of course Cannon knows karate...It's innate after all...He's Asian!

We love the fact that he's also large...I mean chunky and squeezable. He's well on his way to blocking for Peyton's son for the Vols!

We are so thankful for him and that he's such a good baby and that he sleeps so well and is only fussy when he's tired or hungry.
Cannon unlaxing

We call this Cannon's "HEY YEA!" pose

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Father's Day

Cannon was such a trooper as I changed his clothes multiple times for a Father's Day photo shoot. I am pretty proud of myself for not sneaking in some burnt orange in the mix. I let Oliver believe TN orange is the "right" orange...just for the day. It was Father's Day, after all.

Some dear friends who knew Oliver during the Umbro days sent Cannon his own pair. They actually sent two pairs--one for now, and one for him (an adult XL) to grow into. Ollie said he'd try them out 'til then.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Fan

Our friend Cheryl sent Cannon some Red Sox gear. She sent a tiny cap and a Pedroia shirt. Ollie can't wait for Cannon to be able to wear them. Thanks, Cheryl!