Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And there's the tallywacker.

That's what the doctor said, but I wasn't quite sure what a "tallywacker" was. I was so sure we were having a girl that I actually thought to myself, "Do girls have those?" It wasn't until he started tracing our baby's bottom on the screen that I realized what he meant. OOOOOOOOH.

So we're having a BOY! I am so glad we found out because I have needed the time to let it soak in. Don't get me wrong, I love little boys. I just had it so engrained in my mind that Shawonda was actually Shawonda, but now Shawonda is just Shawon. (Thanks, Michelle.)

We sold the bed that was crowding Cannon's soon-to-be room. So now it's cleared out and ready for me to start planning. We ordered our crib last week which will take about 3 or 4 months to come in! I haven't seen any bedding that I love yet. My cousin Leigh, an amazing seamstress, said she'd be happy to make it if we find fabric we like.

Oh--so yeah, his name is Cannon Lee. Cannon because we like the sound, and Lee after a man who was very dear to Oliver. We knew we wanted to use Lee but weren't sure we liked the sound of Lee Chiang. Sounds like a new brand of soy sauce.

My friend Sharon is going to do a maternity shoot for me in a few more months. A few weeks ago, though, we went out to take some pictures of my website (which will be up one day--hopefully before Cannon is born!). For fun, she took a few shots of my belly. BTW, Sharon is an amazing photographer and you should check out her blog: sharonnicolephotography.blogspot.com.