Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Snow

It snowed in Austin yesterday. It actually fell for a good while. But it didn't dawn on me until it stopped falling, that it'd be fun to take Cannon out to see it. It could be a very long time 'til he sees it again.

I tried to get him to pose for a picture. It was hard, though, since he's just learning to walk and not that confident yet. I didn't want him to sit on the wet ground. So I ended up taking some of him sitting in the garage and in the front doorway. He wouldn't let me get his boogers, though, so excuse the crustiness.

He didn't so much appreciate being so bundled up. Good thing we don't have to do that very often here in Austin, TX.

In other news, I think we may be done with bottles soon. I'm excited about it--no more bottles to clean (the particular ones we use have lots of parts), and it means Cannon is growing up:) But I'm also sad about it--because it means Cannon is growing up :( I thought I'd try and give him his mid-morning formula in a sippy cup today, and he gulped it down. At first he thought it was weird. Why are you giving me a sippy of water when you should be giving me a bottle of yum yum milk milk, Mommy?! Wha? Ooooh, it's not water. It's yum yum milk milk! And it comes out faster this way! Gulp gulp gulp gulp....buuuuurp.

I tried it again this afternoon, but no luck this time. He wanted his ba ba. But at least it's a start.