Friday, May 29, 2009


It's been a long time. I have like 3 unfinished posts saved, but it's been so long that they all seem outdated. So...I begin again, and hopefully I can get something down before Cannon wakes up from one of his catnaps. He takes like 4 or 5 thirty minute naps a day. I asked him if he would prefer to take 2 longer naps, but he didn't say anything. I'm not complaining, though, because little guy sleeps like a champ at night! At 10 weeks he started doing some 7 hour stretches, and by 11 weeks, he's doing 9! One night this week he slept 7pm to 7am straight through. I woke up at 5 to make sure he was still alive. I do this alot. First I peek my head in his room to hear him breathing. Step two, walk up to his crib to watch his chest rise and fall. Step three, hold my hand in front of his nose to feel his breath. Anyway, I couldn't believe he slept that long at just a little over 2 months! He hasn't done it again, but like I said, I'm not complaining about the 9 hour stretches he does consistently instead.

I still can't believe he's ours. Ollie and I used to say that we were expecting his real parents to pick him up and thank us for babysitting him. BUT, I am so glad he really is ours. Right after he was born, the doctor placed him on my chest. All I remember is crying uncontrollably and saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Thank you, God, for this precious gift.

He is smiling and "talking" alot now. I love putting him on my chest and talking about what we're going to do that day. He usually tells me he wants to eat, dirty some diapers, play, and sleep. So that's what we do.

I love watching Ollie with him. He loves to put Cannon on his bent legs and talk to him about the Vols and the Red Sox. He is a great Daddy and a great husband. There have a been a couple of times I have seriously flipped out (hormones, or just me?). I have cried, "I don't know who I am!" Ollie is so patient with me and loves me through my exhaustion, emotions, and loopiness.

I will try to post a good sampling of pictures. I saw the ones O posted a while back and Cannon looks so leeeetle. At our last dr. visit 2 weeks ago, he was 14 pounds and 23 inches.

12 week sonogram

On the way home from the hospital

About 1 month old

Two months old

one of my favorite pictures so far!

Why are Mommy and Daddy making all kinds of funny sounds? I'm smiling, ok?

Melt my heart. No, that is not a baby toupee.
Whew! Post complete.